Indie Highlight - Bangminton

Studio Bolland’s Bangminton is a short but charming arcade game. A great start for the first indie highlight!

Indie Highlight - Bangminton
Photo by Stephan Rothe / Unsplash

quick stats

Developers: Studio Bollond
Platform(s): Web (desktop and mobile)
Game Engine: Unity
Link to game:
Players: 1-2
Genre: Arcade (pong style)
Description: There is only one rule: Make sure the shuttlecock doesn’t explode in your court.

gameplay video

what's good

Great gameplay execution

  • I love the core concept of the game – it adds depth and a new way mechanic to play around with in the "pong-style" game category.
  • The powerups remind me of the powerups in breakout. I think this is a great mechanic to switch up the gameplay loop for the players.

Great graphic and sound design

  • I looooove all the work that was done on graphic and sound design. I'm a sucker for good design. The logo used on really grabbed my attention and the game page pulled me in.
  • Integrating the explosion ticking sound into the background music was a great touch. Kudos to whoever came up with that idea!

Local multiplayer

  • So many games now adays are missing a local multiplayer option, especially mobile games
  • I remember the first mobile games at beginning of the iOS revolution, so many of them had local multiplayer options (tap tap revenge anyone?)

what needs work

🛑 More depth in the gameplay

  • I think the core gameplay loop is great and I know its an arcade game, but I would like to see more content or gameplay variety.

🛑 Controls could be tightened up a bit

  • When on mobile, moving you finger really fast can cause the racquet to go through the shuttlecock. Also it was a little hard to see the size of the racquet but that could just be because I have big hands 🙃
  • On desktop it would be nice to switch the singleplayer control method to the mouse.
  • This is kind of a nitpick [could also be a mobile browser issue] but it would be nice to run the game at a higher framerate on mobile. This might solve the racquet issue above.

🛑 Paddle mechanics are a little weird

  • Maybe have it so the main part of the racquet is the only part that can hit the shuttlecock? I know that this is supposed to be a pong style game but it just feels odd that the handle of the racquet can hit the shuttlecock as well as the main part. This could add a whole new dimension to the game.

future ideas

  • If the developers choose to integrate the paddle size changes, one potential improvement would be adding a more dynamic hitting system where the player could "swing" the racquet to spice up the gameplay.
  • More powerups and clearer UI for showing what the powerups do (and maybe how to coutner them?)
  • Bot difficulty setting: It would be nice to switch up the difficulty of the single player bot to either make it more accessibile to new users or more difficult for experienced players.
  • Some sort of tournament or "kings court" mode. The player has to work their way through multiple stages of enemies to win some sort of prize.


Studio Bolland's Bangminton is a vibrant and engaging addition to the world of quick arcade games that successfully rejuvenates the classic pong-style gameplay with some creative twists. Its well-executed design, delightful sound elements, and an local multiplayer option all add up to an enjoyable gaming experience.

There is room for improvement in terms of gameplay depth, control precision, and paddle mechanics, which if addressed, could elevate the core game loop.

The game also offers interesting opportunities for future developments such as dynamic hitting systems, a more comprehensive power-up UI, varied bot difficulty settings, and tournament modes.

With a bit more refinement, I could see Bangminton doing very well in the mobile app stores. So, if you're looking for a few minutes to kill, give Bangminton a try - it might just surprise you with its explosive charm!